Bicycle Bottle

In the past decade or so cycling has become extremely popular, it is a fantastic way to get fit with friends and it allows you to see our country in a way you simply cannot in a car. Cycling is a wonderful sport because virtually anyone can do it and they can enjoy it straight away. When you are cycling you need to keep hydrated, it takes a lot out of you and you need to feed the machine if you want to get the best results.

Bottles of Australia have a range of bicycle bottles available so you can find the right style and size for your needs. Our bottles have catered for casual weekend riders right through to professional cyclists for over 2 decades. All our sports bottles are made from a highly durable and light weight low-density (LDPE) polyethylene that will last the distance. The LDPE is also easy to squeeze allowing you to get the most from each drink. We have a range of different sipper lids available so you can find the perfect one and our bottles come in a range of different colours.

One key feature of all our Premium bottles is the Clearview® Strip. Bottles of Australia™ was one of the first Australian-made drink bottle manufacturers to incorporate this technology for the sports bottle market. This feature comes with our full colour range of premium quality drink bottles and allows you to see the bottle’s contents, making measuring additives a breeze. This means that you can mix in additives quickly, giving you more time out on the road or track.

Bottles of Australia are the leading manufacturer of bicycle bottles so when you need to stay hydrated on your bike you need a bicycle bottle from BoA. Whether you want a number of bottles for yourself or want to get a bulk order of customised bottles for your cycling club, Bottles of Australia can deliver.

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